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KEIM Mineral Paint

The Beauty of Pure Minerals

Mineral silicate paints produce unparalleled beauty and durability to exterior and interior surfaces. What makes silicate paint so special, compared to conventional paint coatings, is its ability to not just coat a surface, but to permanently bond the coat of paint with the substrate. This bond results in a longer lasting coating that is colorfast, breathable, noncombustible and water resistant. The light reflective properties of mineral paint result in a crisp and bright appearance in all lighting and weather conditions, and KEIM finishes resists fungi, algae and mold growth resulting in a hygienic and beautiful finish.

To understand the unique quality of Keim finishes, it’s important to know our history with minerals. Our mineral story explains how our founder discovered the secret to durable and protective surface coatings along with the many benefits Keim product’s offer.

We Don’t Just Sell Mineral Paint –
We Invented It

KEIM mineral paints have a rich tradition of quality and reliability, and our selection of highly durable silicate paints have been the top choice of painters for over 100 years. Ever since our founder, Adolf Wilhelm Keim, successfully invented a liquid silicate coating that chemically binds both the color pigment and the applied surface, our company has continued to revolutionize the mineral paint market, and is a leading supplier of silicate mineral paints worldwide.

The Perfect Silicate Paint for Your Project


Known for providing long lasting protection, KEIM mineral paint is colorfast and it penetrates concrete to form a permanent chemical bond, which means it won’t peel. It has natural water repellency, is naturally vapor permeable and won't statically charge, resulting in clean façades. Whether you need concrete paint or your painting exterior brick, Keim is the best choice for long lasting architectural protection.

When painting concrete you want to choose an exterior paint and concrete stain that will stand the test of time. Keim mineral paints use the same raw materials found in concrete giving your finished product a completely natural appearance.  And since silicate paints provide long lasting color, it reduces the amount of maintenance required in the future. All KEIM silicate paints remain stable against UV rays, which keeps building façades cooler, and they are highly vapor permeable allowing walls to breathe naturally, which keep them dry and protects against structural damage.

Whether you’re painting stucco, brick, stone or masonry, Keim mineral silicate paints will help repair and protect those difficult to paint interior and exterior surfaces. Our silicate finishes are used to preserve some of our nation’s most treasured and iconic monuments and buildings, and helps reverse the damage caused by weathering over time. When using our mineral paint for historic restoration you can be assured that your surfaces will never peel or blister. They will remain impervious to sun and weather extremes. They will remain colorfast. They and will be able to breathe, which means they won’t trap moisture.

Keim is known worldwide as the leading specialist in mineral architectural protection systems, and we strive to provide long-lasting, environmentally sustainable solutions to help reduce future maintenance costs. We supply highly developed, comprehensive silicate solutions for exterior and interior surfaces that naturally resist the growth of mold and fungus, protect from UV rays, provide dust control on brick and stone feature walls and is vapor permeable. Also, due to the bond of silicate mineral paint to the substrate you can rest assured that your coating will not peel. 

Create a vivid, bold masterpiece that will last for generations. Our line of Mineral-Art paints offers unlimited design options. Stains and glazes come in a wide array of colors and be customized for your special project. Whether you’re painting walls or a canvas, your finished product will have an appealing matt appearance and the colors will never fade. There is no odor or outgassing of VOC’s while the paint dries and there are no special disposal requirements as our mineral paints are eco-friendly. 



KEIM specializes in identifying custom colors for architectural projects that withstand exposure to the elements, even in close proximity to water. See how KEIM has been used in other commercial projects around the world in this gallery.



KEIM works directly with contractors and builders to determine the best products and mineral paints and stains for the job. The light fast, high vapor permeability and chemical bonding are all hallmarks of KEIM’s quality. For more examples see our gallery of hospitality projects.

Historic Preservation

Historic Preservation

In restoration, surface preparation and application is the key to success. KEIM can evaluate materials and substrates for composition and compatibility, and precisely match any desired color or texture. See the full gallery of KEIM’s historic restoration projects.



KEIM mineral products have been trusted with some of the most iconic landmarks across the world.  See more restoration projects using KEIM products.



KEIM offers MineralArt paints that breathe naturally on masonry surfaces and will never blister or peel.  The colors will never fade. Find inspiration for your next project in KEIM’s murals project gallery.

The Unparalleled Quality and Benefits of
Keim Mineral Silicate Paints

Using natural ingredients including potassium silicate, earth oxide pigments and minerals, Keim paints produce a highly durable, all-natural appearance. Keim is committed to producing quality, research-based paints and systems that meet our high standards for sustainability. That’s why all mineral paints are laboratory tested in-house by our chemists, and are truly non-toxic since they contain no VOCs. 

To understand why Keim mineral paints are the superior choice for your next project consider these key benefits.

  • Petrification Process
  • Vapor Permeable
  • UV Stable
  • Noncombustible
  • Light Refraction
  • No Fungus, Algae, or Mold

Mineral paint systems are based upon penetration of the binder into the substrate. A strong, permanent bond is created between the paint and the underlying substrate (e.g. render, natural stone, concrete). This potassium silicate binder is highly resistant to weathering, ensuring an extremely long-life protective finish, reducing the frequency of re-decoration cycles. Keim mineral paints do not flake and the binder does not disintegrate under the effect of UV light. They are resistant to acid rain and industrial pollution.


  • Penetrates masonry and mineral surfaces, does not simply build on surface
  • Paint will never blister or peel off
  • Forms natural appearance, does not create “painted” look

The microcrystalline nature of the Keim mineral coating system creates finite spaces between adjacent crystals. These voids are large enough to allow the free passage of vapor but small enough to prevent the ingress of driven rain. This high breathability enables humidity contained in building structures to be quickly released unhindered into the environment, avoiding moisture build up between coating and substrate.


  • Walls maintain an ideal moisture balance, both inside and outside
  • Will never blister like latex or acrylic paints
  • Weatherproof finish provides optimal protection against water intrusion and freeze-thaw damage

Keim mineral paints contain lightfast mineral pigments and binders, which exhibit the greatest UV resistance of all paint systems, and are absolutely weather-resistant. All Keim colors are unaffected by the action of weathering and UV radiation, ensuring no color fade with the passage of time. Having a bright matt appearance, the crystal structure of Keim mineral paints gives a high level of light reflectance compared to oil based paints of a similar color.


  • Mineral matte finish provides natural appearance with no glare or angular sheen
  • Wide range of colors, even deep and very vibrant shades
  • No negative impact on health or the environment
  • Sustainable from manufacturing, application, lifespan and disposal

Keim mineral silicate paints are inherently noncombustible. They don’t support the spread of flame and give off no noxious emissions due to their inorganic composition. Mineral paints are therefore ideal for use in safety critical public areas such as underground stations and tunnels, airports, schools and flats.


  • Reduces fire damage to the substrate
  • ASTM testing confirms that silicate finishes do not ignite by ASTM E 1354
  • NFPA 101 Class A rating under ASTM E 84

Silicate finishes have a microcrystalline structure, which helps diffuse glare and provides a more natural appearance in any type of light. The light refracting qualities of these finishes provides more illumination in darker areas, reduces heat absorptions, and can help reduce the amount of surface cracking in warmer climates.


  • Matte finishes in any color, even black
  • Reduces thermal stress from heat absorption of painted surfaces
  • Silicate will not lose adhesion with thermal changes
  • Silicate finishes will not soften when exposed to direct sunlight or ambient heat

Keim mineral paints have no residual electrostatic charge, unlike oil-based paints, and therefore do not attract dust. Over time they remain cleaner than oil based paints. The silicate structure is highly stable and able to resist acid and alkali attack while the inherent alkaline nature of Keim mineral paints delays the growth of fungi and algae spores.

Benefits at a glance...

  • High pH and fast dry properties resists fungi, algae or mold growth
  • Inorganic, inert raw materials provide no food source for microorganism growth
  • Micro-pore water repellency sheets water to naturally clean surface
  • Easy to clean and maintain