Understanding Concrete

Concrete as we know it today has been in existence for more than 100 years. The combination of the compressive strength properties of concrete with the tensile strength of steel has proved outstandingly successful in all areas of construction. Reinforced concrete is made on-site or in a factory using manual methods. As a result, quality and durability are more highly dependent on the care taken during processing than is the case with a “finished” building material. This, together with environmental exposure, is the reason for the issues surrounding concrete decay.

Most notably in the 1950’s, many errors were made in building with concrete due to a lack of awareness regarding the inter-relationships between chemistry, building physics, and structural design. Although these problems are understood today, concrete structures still suffer from improper application, installation, or maintenance requiring remediation. KEIM Concretal offers a precise systematic approach with technical solutions that overcome the complex causes of decay while meeting the aesthetic architectural objectives.

Generally, the goals of concrete repair/renovation/restoration often compete with the needs to achieve architectural aims or maintain certain elements of design. The grades of protection not only prevent further concrete decay but restore the appearance to achieve architectural aims.

The KEIM Concretal System provides effective mineral protection for concrete while retaining concrete’s mineral character and appearance.

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