CONCRETAL® PRO Mineral Finish


Economical Mineral Silicate Finish
Extended Life Cycle


Unique Adhesion:
CONCRETAL PRO is ideal for the fast production of new construction, especially on tilt-up or cast in place concrete and is very economical for use in maintenance of concrete structures. It functions quite differently than ordinary latex or acrylic finishes or elastomeric finishes which form a sticky adhesion to the surface only. CONCRETAL PRO penetrates new and bare concrete surfaces forming permanent chemical bonds, so it will never lose adhesion or peel.

Beautiful Appearance:
Many of the raw materials in CONCRETAL PRO are the same as those found in concrete ensuring a very natural appearance with a mineral matte flat finish. It will never have an unnatural, plastic appearance and allows the concrete to maintain its inherent appearance. A texture version is also available that helps to fill-in pores and small voids if desired.

Colors Won’t Fade:
One of CONCRETAL PRO’s most compelling benefits is that colors won’t fade or change over time, even in harsh U.V. environments like deserts and high altitudes. A wide range of light and earthen color shades are available and you can rest assured that your walls will look terrific for decades, not years.

Economy of Use:
CONCRETAL PRO is designed to provide decades of service life, making it a very economic choice. And, when it is time to refresh, there is no added surface preparation, just wash the surface and repaint with more CONCRETAL PRO. No scraping, sanding or blasting loose or peeling paint. And it is priced right too—contractors will appreciate the relatively lower cost of CONCRETAL PRO.





Will Never Peel or Blister Penetrates and forms permanent covalent bonds within concrete for unparalleled adhesion
Long Life Mineral sol silicate finish lasts for decades
Will Not Fade Uses only naturally occurring mineral pigments that are completely lightfast and naturally U.V. resistant
Hinders Mold, Mildew and Fungus Mineral surface dries out quickly and high pH resists bio-growth
Protects Against Freeze/Thaw Damage Keeps water out and allows moisture vapor to freely escape—dryer concrete is less prone to freeze/thaw damage
Protects Steel Reinforcement By keeping concrete dryer and protecting against chloride salts, steel reinforcement lasts longer
Natural Concrete Appearance Mineral matte finish is most like original concrete—never looks “painted”
Simple to Repaint Minimal surface preparation required for future repainting
Stays Clean Longer Natural mineral surface sheds water and doesn’t build static charge, which can attract and hold dirt on the surface



LEED 09 NC Not applicable for exterior
LEED for Homes Not applicable for exterior
LEED 09 CS Not applicable for exterior
LEED 09 CL Not applicable for exterior



Concrete (standard and high performance) Precast Concrete
Concrete Masonry Units (CMU) Tilt-up Concrete
Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete Concrete Fiber Board (siding)
Portland Stucco Gunite and Shot-Crete

*Surfaces must absorb water and should not be previously painted.


Sol-silicate-based, thin layer coating for providing a low pigment finish when diluted with KEIM Concretal-Fixativ or for opaque thin layer protective coatings. Complies with DIN EN 1504-2/2.2 when using it together with KEIM Silan-100.


Concrete Coating and Staining, Concrete Repair, Painting/Coating Interior


For a two-coat opaque finish: approx. 0.25 l/m2 KEIM Concretal-Lasur and approx. 0.04 l KEIM Concretal-Fixativ
For a two-coat low-pigment finish: Depending on degree of dilution, determine by trial application
The stated consumption figures are guide values for a smooth substrate. Exact values can only be determined by painting trial areas on the structure to be coated.

Packaging & Sizes

Red bucket w/white lid - 1 liter, 5 liter and 15 liter containers
Stain: Plastic bucket with plastic lid - Quart, 1 Gallon, 2 Gallon, 4 Gallon
Dilution: Plastic Jerrican - 1.3 Gallon, 5.3 Gallon


For providing a low-pigment finish on fair-faced interior and exterior concrete surfaces, e.g. to retain the fair-faced appearance while concealing stains or repairs with a concrete color shade and for providing colour wash finishes when diluted as required with KEIM Concretal-Fixativ.
For opaque thin layer coatings retaining surface texture and providing a protective water and weather coating