Mineral paints and stains allow concrete and masonry to breathe naturally and to maintain a healthy moisture balance—never trapping moisture within the concrete.




Paint and stain systems for concrete should allow concrete to breathe naturally and to allow inherent moisture vapor within the concrete and masonry to escape. Sealing concrete can lead to premature failure of concrete and rebar structures. Mineral silicate finishes are extremely vapor permeable and allow moisture vapor to escape freely.

And these finishes protect against damage from freeze thaw by keeping concrete dryer. Trapped moisture vapor can freeze and expand causing damage and spalling. Latex and acrylic finishes are far less permeable and trap moisture vapor within the concrete, and in extreme cases can bubble and hold water against the surface.


Extreme vapor permeability is a hallmark of mineral silicate paints and stains. The efficient management of moisture in concrete is essential to the extended life of concrete.





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