Mineral-Art mineral colors as nature intended—rich, complex and completely light-fast.  Every color is derived exclusively from earthen, naturally occurring mineral pigments and fillers.  No synthesized colors are ever used to ensure your mineral paints are simply the highest quality possible.

Choose your color options.

Mineral-Art colors are available in either Monochrome Colors or in hundreds of blended colors.  And we can color-match most paint colors.

Monochrome Colors allow you to mix and blend your own colors with unlimited creative potential.  And because each Monochrome Color has only one pigment your blends will be crisp and clean—never muddy.

You can also choose from KEIM's array of custom-blended colors.  Our color masters will mix your colors to exacting standards that exceed industry standards for accuracy.  Or trust our color masters to precisely match an existing color—either way, you are ensured that every delivery of mineral colors will be precise and exact.

Royalan Monochrome Artist Paint Colors

9001 R

9004 R

9007 R

9010 R

9002 R

9005 R

9008 R

9011 R

9003 R

9006 R

9009 R

9012 R


Design Monochrome Fluid Artist Paint Colors