KEIM Mineral Art Paint used on display on front of building


Mineral-Art paints, stains and glazes are your assurance of rich, true mineral colors that will last for decades.  Some Keim painted murals in Europe are even over 100 years old and retain their rich, vivid colors today!

And, with Mineral-Art products and services you have found a source that truly understands your special wants and needs.  Products of ultra-premium quality where corners are never cut.  Products that are pure and natural and pose no risk to your health or the environment. 

Mineral paints also produce unparalleled exterior beauty and durability.  Mineral paints breathe naturally on masonry surfaces and will never blister or peel.  And the mineral binder coupled with only earthen mineral lightfast pigments ensure the colors will never fade.  Check-out the mural at right that is more than 130 years old!

When painting indoors, you can breathe easy as there is no odor and no outgassing of VOC’s while the paint dries.  You can paint in occupied spaces with no worries and there are no added chemicals to pose any health concerns.

And mineral paints are very sustainable, owing to their best-in-class service life and durability, manufactured from abundant minerals with minimal processing, no hazards—no special disposal requirements and mineral paints are very eco-friendly. 

Mineral-Art products are now available to you on-line in the Keim Mineral-Art Store where you can shop at your convenience, 24-7.  And we’re providing new on-line tools to help you decide which KEIM Mineral-Art products are perfectly suited to your next artistic project.  



KEIM Mineral-Art™ Paints last for decades.
This mural was first painted in 1881 and has only been retouched twice for more than 130 years of beauty.
Source: Schwyz Town Hall Mural painted with Keim Mineral Paints, first in 1881