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ROMANIT® Natural Lime Paint and Wash


All Natural, Vapor Permeable, Slaked Lime Paint and Wash

Stunning Old-World Appearance

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Lime paints have been used for centuries and are all natural, giving your paint project an authentic, safe, old-world aesthetic not found in today’s latex paints. Romanit® Natural Lime Paint & Wash is ideal for historic preservation or newer projects where a unique aesthetic is desired. As a natural, mineral finish, Romanit allows your walls to “breathe” protecting historic structures by not trapping moisture inside walls. The mineral matte finish is historically accurate and refracts light in a way no ordinary paint can match. Romanit painted surfaces have a unique radiance. Apply Romanit as a paint, or dilute to create stunning washes and patinas on masonry and plaster surfaces. Lime paints have a beautiful, hand-crafted appearance that is impossible to match with latex finishes.

Romanit® Natural Lime Paint and Wash imbues interior surfaces with ageless beauty with a “suede-like” feel that cannot be achieved using latex paints and is 100% natural with no VOC’s, chemicals, pesticides or fungicides added.

INTERIOR Paint & Wash
Romanit is a unique combination of lime and naturally occurring mineral pigments ideal for interior use. It replicates the soft weathered patina of a traditional lime wash that has been used for centuries.. It is specifically formulated to allow the lime to gently “bloom" from within the paint, creating soft tonal variations which add depth and texture that cannot be duplicated in latex finishes. Hand application using large, soft brushes further enhances this luxurious effect. Romanit is perfect for interior surfaces that will not be subjected to frequent wear or washing and is ideal for low-traffic areas of your home where a mineral matte finish is desired.

Unique Luminescent Light Quality
The lime binder used in Romanit coupled with the naturally occurring, earthen mineral pigments refracts light in a unique way. The mineral surface breaks up incoming light and refracts it in every direction, giving the surface an almost “glowing” quality. The play of light across the mineral surface adds character to any wall and there will never be a harsh glare from the surface. And, the truest white colors can be achieved with Romanit along with a wide array of beautiful, natural colors.

Ultimately “Healthy Living” Paint
And Romanit is also extremely healthy as it contains only naturally occurring ingredients from the earth. No synthesized chemicals are added, and no VOC’s, pesticides or fungicides are found in Romanit. People who choose to buy healthy paints can rest assured no paint is more natural or healthy. And, due to the alkaline pH of Romanit, the surface is also hygienic and will not support the growth of mold or mildew, naturally.

EXTERIOR Paint & Wash
Romanit also provides the time-worn beauty of Italian “frescoed” walls to the exterior of masonry, concrete and stucco facades. As the lime binder is eroded by weathering, the surface takes on added character and charm, which is often described as “old-world”. Naturally occurring, earthen mineral pigments are used to provide non-fading color and as a mineral finish, Romanit darkens when wet, then dries out to its true color. As it ages, the color becomes more “mottled” with the appearance of tonal “highs and lows” which further enhances the charm of Romanit.

Romanit® Natural Lime Paint and Wash provides exterior masonry and stucco surfaces with a sophisticated, old-world appearance that is particularly suitable for historic landmarks and iconic architecture, and it is highly vapor permeable allowing walls to seek a natural moisture balance.

Vapor Permeable, Ideal for Historic Restoration
Romanit is naturally vapor permeable and will never seal moisture inside walls. Trapped moisture vapor inside both historic and new walls can lead to premature degradation of the wall’s structure and integrity. Romanit allows moisture vapor to escape unimpeded from the wall, while weatherproofing the exterior surface.

Lime Paint and Wash is a Weathering Finish
While Romanit uses only the highest quality slaked and natural lime, on exterior exposure, lime ages gracefully, but degradation can be accelerated by severe exposure to the elements. Extremely high humidity, heavy rainfall and exposure to high wind can prematurely degrade the lime painted or washed surface. Romanit should be considered an exterior “maintenance” finish with regularly scheduled repaints. It is extremely easy to refresh lime washed surfaces, simply clean the surface of dirt and debris and reapply an additional coating. It is not unreasonable for repainting to be required every 3—5 years in coastal or alpine environments, however, the erosion of the lime binder is what facilitates the “old world” appearance for which Romanit is coveted.

Many Ways to Apply
Romanit offers a variety of finished effects, depending upon application technique. It can be applied full-bodied for a completely opaque finish as shown in the image at right. Thinning Romanit with lime water produces a “washed” effect allowing the surface to show through as seen in the image below left. It can also be applied and distressed, for example by randomly power washing to reveal elements of the surface for a time-worn impression as seen below, right.

Hand Crafted, Beautiful and Natural Color
Luminescent and light refracting, natural and healthy color. Nothing can compare to the subtle, yet complex colors and finishes of Romanit, where every color is hand-made, from scratch to exacting color standards. From the subtle suede-like texture to the way light plays on the surface, your walls will come alive with a depth you’ve never known possible. Natural earthen shades to enhance your healthy lifestyle while enveloping you with sophisticated and timeless colors.





Non-Yellowing Romanit produces the most brilliant whites and colors that will never yellow with age
Old-World Appearance Natural Slaked Lime produces a “mottled” surface character on exterior surfaces that is enhanced with age and varies with humidity.  On interior surfaces lime “blooms” through the paint surface to produce a variegated effect, especially in darker colors.
Extremely Vapor Permeable Natural lime allows the surface to breathe naturally and seek an ideal moisture balance, making it ideal for historic restoration and exterior masonry or stucco surfaces
Excellent Hiding Full-bodied Romanit covers the surface extremely well and allows for one-coat painting on most surfaces, especially indoors
Very Low Surface Tension Lime paint develops with very little surface tension and won’t create stresses on historic or delicate surfaces and is completely reversible
Water based, easy to apply Applies easily and requires minimal surface preparation and no special application skills
Non-combustible Won’t burn or contribute fuel or noxious odors in case of fire
100% Natural No fumes or odor and nothing to “out-gas” as the finish cures—ideal for chemically sensitive and those with allergies and asthma
No static charge Inert surface will never attract dust or dirt particles—stays cleaner and looks better longer
High pH and Dries Quickly when Wet Mold, mildew and other bio growth is reduced—surfaces stay fresh and clean longer



LEED for Homes YES
Environmental Product Declaration per ISO 14025 and EN 15804 Third-Party Certified




Portland Stucco and Historic Lime Plaster Lime or Gypsum Plaster (unpainted)
Brick or Masonry (new or historic) Lime or Gypsum Plaster (previously painted)**
Concrete (new or historic) Wallboard or Sheetrock (unpainted)
Previously lime painted surfaces Wallboard or Sheetrock (previously painted)**
*Exterior surfaces must be porous (absorbs water) **Interior surfaces previously painted with acrylic/latex paint must be primed with 1 coat of Innotop Mineral Silicate Paint




Unit Size

Lime Paint/Wash: Plastic bucket with plastic lid Quart, 1 Gallon, 2 Gallon, 4 Gallon
Lime Water/Thinner: Plastic Jerrican 1.3 Gallon, 5.3 Gallon