Mineral silicate binders are naturally U.V. stable and our paints and stains use only naturally occurring mineral pigments and fillers that are completely lightfast.



Mineral silicate binders are completely U.V. stable and won’t degrade in any climate. The durable binder is then blended with only the finest natural mineral pigments and fillers. This ensures colors that will last and last, decades and even centuries. No synthesized colors are used to ensure the longest lasting and permanent color.

And all natural ingredients yield a completely natural, mineral matte final appearance. You can beautify and protect concrete without the “painted” look associated with latex or acrylic paints or coatings. Mineral paints and stains penetrate leaving the natural texture of concrete unaffected, letting ensuring the beauty of natural concrete is never hidden or minimized.


Coupling binders that are unaffected by U.V. with earthen mineral pigments yield colored paints and stains that will never fade, no matter how extreme the environment—even bright colors stay true.





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