Sustainable building – investment in responsibility to the earth and environment, and in healthy living


Measures of Sustainable Building


Ideal for individuals with
chemical sensitivities


Sustainable building practices includes a social component. Choose building materials that are safe and harmless to health, while providing a durable and beautiful aesthetic.

Social responsibility is an important pillar of sustainable building practices. At KEIM we deliver on this obligation by providing building materials that are safe and harmless to people’s health and wellbeing. People spend 80% of their lifetime indoors. The materials we are surrounded by have a very large influence on our wellbeing. This is particularly true for architectural paints and finishes.


KEIM mineral paints -
sustainably healthy


Key components of sustainable social building practices are to build healthy, safe and comfortable surroundings. A healthy life only happens in a healthy environment, particularly in living and work areas. Paint properties play a significant role in the quality of our indoor environment. For instance, volatile organic emissions may pollute the air in a room and can be harmful to health. Common latex and acrylic paints contain plasticizers that degas small quantities of VOC’s over a long time.

Another component of indoor air quality is the ability of wall finishes to breathe and allow moisture vapor in walls to escape. Acrylic paints, in fact, “glue” the wall surface closed which allows room humidity to condense on the surface which increases the risk of mold growth. The open pores of a KEIM paint allow the regulation of air humidity and prevents condensed water on wall and ceiling surfaces, even in bathrooms and kitchens. The natural mineral, high pH finish naturally resists the growth of microorganisms without the addition of pesticides and mildewcides, often found in acrylic paints.

KEIM’s mineral interior paints contain no plasticizers or solvents so there are no harmful emissions, ever. These finishes are also appropriate for individuals with high sensitivities to chemicals or severe allergies.


Due to their mineral nature, KEIM finishes are non-combustible and wont’ burn or develop hazardous smoke or gasses. Latex painted interior walls are often times the largest “combustion gas contributors” in a fire. KEIM mineral finishes have a tremendous safety advantage.