Sustainable building – investment in responsibility to the earth and environment, and in healthy living


Measures of Sustainable Building

Maintenance Costs for Building Paint Finish
Over Lifespan of 60 Years

Buildings are normally used over a long period with some lasting centuries. The durability of building materials is a key consideration in planning a sustainable building process. Long lasting materials are also a key factor in considering the economic implications of your design.


KEIM mineral paints -
unequalled durability


Just as the thought of sustainability is calculated over the lifetime of a building, the life cycle costs of materials must also be considered. The choice of building materials is often driven by the overall cost of the construction process. Material selection can and should ensure the economic efficiency over the long term, not just for today’s investment. A forward-looking architect or builder will carefully weigh the long-term economic impact of the investment instead of seeking short-term financial advantage and looks to increase the lifespan of a building as well as to reduce maintenance and renovation costs.

“It is important to look for value, quality, and durability for the whole lifespan of a building.” - Hansruedi Preisig, Architect and Professor of Architecture at Zurich University


Cost effectiveness requires
the most durable building


KEIM paints last for generations, proven for more than 140 years in buildings all over the world. With longest lifespan, KEIM finishes will result in lower building maintenance costs while delivering a more sustainable alternative—by using less resources over the long term.

KEIM finishes deliver a sustainable contribution in an economic sense by delivering longest-lasting value and maintaining it.