Sustainable building – investment in responsibility to the earth and environment, and in healthy living


Measures of Sustainable Building

KEIM mineral finishes are 100% natural with no hazardous ingredients and have been known for their outstanding environmental properties since our founding more than 140 years ago. Because of their natural, safe makeup, there are no special handling or safety requirements and disposal of excess material on jobsites requires no special treatment.


KEIM mineral paints
stand for resource


Resource efficient manufacturing, from abundant natural raw materials, ensures the impact on the environment is minimized over the entire product life cycle. Thanks to natural raw materials and harmless product formulations, there are no toxic residues or waste in production. And, mineral content from waste water as a result of the manufacturing process, is easily recovered and recycled. Waste water is then discharged into sewers with no special requirements or precautions.


KEIM is 100% committed to
efficient manufacturing
processes and reduced waste


Every aspect of KEIM’s manufacturing process is designed to maximize use of raw materials, ensuring less waste and disposal requirements.