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KEIM - requires no
special disposal

Beyond Zero VOC

Thanks to natural raw materials, KEIM finishes are made with a limited number of minimally processed ingredients and are completely inorganic. We add no petrochemical (oil derived) or synthetic additives. Conventional paints contain a variety of toxins that must be carefully disposed of to prevent environmental contamination. And the high quality of KEIM paints is due to the inherent, long lasting qualities of a limited number of all natural, earthen ingredients.


KEIM - no hazardous
emissions or toxins,


The EPA has found that indoor concentrations of many VOCs, or volatile organic compounds, are up to ten times higher than outdoors.  VOCs are emitted by a wide array of products including paints, cleaning supplies, pesticides, building materials and furnishings.  Paint is among the top sources of indoor air pollution and the VOCs continue to be released into the air for several years after the paint is applied. Aside from the health and environmental concerns associated with VOCs, conventional paints contain a variety of chemical toxins that fall outside the definition of VOCs. KEIM paints have no offensive odor and do not degas after they are dry. The only solvent used is water.

In recent years the latex/acrylic paint industry has responded to consumer demand for healthier, greener products by reducing the amount of VOC’s, in many of their premium paints. While the reduction of VOC’s is a step in the right direction, VOC’s are not the only problem with latex/acrylic paints. No-VOC paints still contain a variety of chemical additives such as fungicides, mildewcides, exempt solvents, and odor masking agents.

Even zero-VOC paints must be properly disposed of at your local hazardous material collection center to prevent contamination.  The EPA estimates that about 10 percent of all paint purchased in the United States becomes leftover.