Sustainable building – investment in responsibility to the earth and environment, and in healthy living


Measures of Sustainable Building

KEIM - resource
consciousness drives our
product development

KEIM is totally committed to:

  • Avoiding the exploitation of non-renewable resources, and using only abundant and renewable raw materials in our products
  • We will not pollute the environment through toxic emissions and waste, at our plants or in application of our paints and finishes
  • We will conserve energy in our manufacturing and distribution process


Thanks to natural raw materials and harmless product composition, noxious emissions are not generated in the manufacture of KEIM products. Toxic resides or waste also do not occur. For example, latex and acrylic manufacturers use toxic biocides as algae prevention, which can be washed out of aging paints by rain and flow into ground water.


KEIM - no hazardous
emissions or harmful


The perfect moisture balance properties of KEIM finishes, the inert and natural nature of its ingredients and the inherent mineral pH all combine to inhibit the growth of algae, fungi and mold, without use of toxic additives.

Because of KEIM’s exceptionally long life, use of natural resources are also minimized by fewer repaints during the life of a building, and the eco-friendly repainting procedures for mineral silicate stains, paints and finishes.


KEIM mineral finishes have always been known for their outstanding environmental properties. Resource-efficient manufacturing from only naturally occurring raw materials, KEIM finishes have a fantastic ecological assessment over their entire product life cycle. From the extraction of raw materials, through production and application and ultimate disposal, KEIM finishes are extremely earth-friendly.