KEIM mineral colors are more brilliant because mineral pigments
are held onto the surface in a crystalline matrix.

large building painted with KEIM mineral colors



Mineral colors are the essence of purity and brilliance as only nature can provide. With KEIM mineral paints, the light reaches every pigment particle, with no interference from the binder. Mineral pigment is held within the crystalline matrix for the purest color appearance in any light. Coupled with a mineral glass binder, a crystal-clear matrix, color appearance is never muted and the pigments are seen in their truest hues. Acrylic paints surround pigment with a “milky” acrylic binder and each particle is suspended within a resinous layer on the surface. Light is reflected before it ever reaches pigment particles for a more muted and less lively color appearance.

illustration showing latex and acrylic paint reflecting light making the paint color less vibrant


Acrylic or latex paint finishes are smooth and bounce light from the surface. Pigment particles are suspended and wrapped in the acrylic (plastic) layer, which can be milky in appearance. Colors can be “muted”, less vibrant and lack the natural intensity of the colored pigment.

Interior Colors simply "glow" with the purest color hues.

As the unparalleled beauty in nature inspires every KEIM color, we strive to allow the hues to “speak” for themselves. Color formulas are simple and use far fewer pigments than contemporary acrylic colors for the cleanest and most lively color expressions. Note the vibrance of the color at right and see how natural light enhances the color’s depth. Even in low light, mineral colors have a distinct “aura” of light that is never duplicated in ordinary latex or acrylic paints. You have probably seen this same luminosity in crystals found in nature.


building painted with KEIM mineral paint

illustration showing KEIM mineral paint reacting with light to allow vibrant paint colors


 Mineral paint surface is a crystalline matrix that is literally “glass” allowing pigments to shine through without interference. Each pigment particle radiates light directly giving rise to the term “mineral luminosity” delivering the truest colors.


bedroom interior with brightly painted walls


Exterior colors morph and visibly change with the sun's natural path across the sky.

The crystalline matrix structure allows mineral colored exteriors to interact with the light in their environment in a completely natural and unique way. On brightly lit days, the suns arc across the sky transforms mineral exteriors as they react to the changes in the sun’s orientation. Morning light is crisp and clean, highlighting mineral colors in a most vibrant way. In the late afternoon and evening hours, the surfaces take on the more muted shades of the sunset with colors that appear more subdued and subtle.


collage of building interiors and exteriors with KEIM paint