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Design Interior/Exterior Fluid Artist Stain/Glaze

Mineral-Art™ Interior/Exterior Fluid Artist Paint is a premium potassium sol silicate based paint with a thinner consistency, similar to stain. It can be applied fully opaque like paint, or can be mixed with Fluid Artist Paint Dilution and Glaze Additive to produce an infinite range of transparency or water-color effects. It can also be mixed with Fluid Artist Paint Medium and Extender to produce similar effects without making the paint thinner. It bonds to masonry surfaces and will never peel. Colors are completely lightfast, lasting decades longer than acrylic paints. It is water-based for easy application and clean-up and is completely safe. Available in a full range of tinted colors as well as white and black.

  • Chemically bonds to mineral base coats
  • Extremely durable and weather resistant
  • Completely lightfast - won't fade
  • Thin, stain-like texture
  • Ideal for translucent water color effects
  • No VOCs. Safe and easy to use
  • Water clean-up

Select a Color:

Design Dilution/Glaze Additive

Dilution/Glaze Additive is added to Fluid Artist Paint whenever a more translucent color effect is desired. There is no limit to how much dilution can be added allowing the artist complete control. Dilution is thinner in consistency than Design Fluid Artist Paint and will thin the paint to a stain-like consistency, ideal for water color effects.

  • Thins Design Fluid Artist Paints
  • Clear, adds translucency
  • No VOCs. Safe and easy to use
  • Water clean-up

Design Pigmented Medium/Extender

Medium/Extender is added to Fluid Artist Paint to increase transparency, but maintains the consistency of Design Fluid Artist Paints. Medium/Extender is medium bodied and will not thin Fluid Artist Paint's consistency. It is a white pigmented additive for use with lighter colors and tends to wash-out deep or vivid colors.

  • Thickening additive - does not thin texture
  • Slightly pigmented, adds some translucency
  • Not for use with deep, vivid or dark colors

Need a Custom Color?

We do custom color matching, so if you wish to order a custom color, please contact us directly for pricing and availability.